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Наука и практика

Л.Е. Гришаева Авторитарный тупик
The article notes obvious signs of a conservative development of the national economy. Authoritarian governing gains stable features. The Government deliberately ignores the opinion of IMF?s experts on the economic situation in Russia.
Innovations, conservatism, authoritarianism, the IMF, reforms? imitation, modernization of the political system

Мельников Д.В. Куда «Россия зовет»
The author analyzes V. Putin?s speech at an investment forum and indicates potential problems that the President will face reforming the country in times of global crisis and inefficient management.
V. Putin, corruption, state capitalism, a crisis, stagnierend management system

Овчинников А.А. Экспортные кредитные агентства в международной торговле
The article considers the historical role and importance of export credit agencies for international trade, identifies development trends and the change of attitudes to their performance. The author analyzes the response of agencies to the economic crisis and their contribution to the recovery of world trade?s turnover.
State export support, an export credit agency, Export-Import Bank, international trade financing

Симонян В.В. Оценка потенциала российского рынка паевых инвестиционных фондов
Based on average indicators of global investment funds, the author assesses the potential of Russian stock market. If the quality indicators of Russian funds were not inferior to the world average, the volume of the Russian stock industry would exceed the achieved one.
Investment funds market, mutual funds market, the ratio of investment funds? assets to GDP, the ratio of investment funds? assets and financial markets, the number of funds per 1 million inhabitants

Карасева Л.А. Налоговая система и объективные причины ее деформации
The article highlights a methodological aspect of the approach to the tax system study from the standpoint of its structural levels. It identifies the economic content and the objective conditions of tax system?s deformation. The author investigates the possibility of the realization of tax system?s potential in Russian economy.
Tax system, structural levels, deformation of fiscal relations

Барсегова И.В. Финансовый потенциал для коммерческого сектора
The author analyzes the main component of the financial potential of a company - financial resources. Possibly used funding sources are considered along with successfully used ones. Particular attention is paid to the capital market resources as a tool to increase the financial capacity of an enterprise.
Financial strength, financial instruments, fund raising sources, lending, capital market resources

Ступичева Я.Г.,
Вершинина О.В.
Влияние активов на ликвидационную стоимость страховой компании при оценке бизнеса

The article investigates the issues related to the evaluation of the business of an insurance company in the process of its elimination. The assets of an insurance company involved in the evaluation are considered. The authors propose to restructure the receivables as an asset type taken to cover insurance reserves for transferring insurance portfolio to enhance its market value in implementation.
Asset, evaluation of business, insurance company, salvage value, receivables? restructure

Литовченко М.В. Формирование эффективной модели управленческого консультирования
The author analyzes core components of an effective model of management consulting. Principles of quality management and the system of key performance
indicators are considered as model?s factors. The author adapts and uses this approach to conduct projects on management consulting in the problem-solving performance management and quality consulting services.

Comprehensive consulting of management?s modeling and development, management consulting model, balanced scorecard, key performance indicators

Соколова С.Ю. Фонды целевого капитала в системе обеспечения конкурентоспособности некоммерческих организаций
Institute of endowment that is widely spread abroad holds a special place among attracted funding of nonprofit organizations. Its formation in Russia should
draw public attention to social projects financing and create new economic relationships in the consumption of education, health services, services in the
fields of science, culture and sport.

Charity, nonprofit organization, endowment fund, endowment, the management company, donors, social projects funding

Суворова И.М. Комплексные инвестиционные планы моногородов
The article provides a brief overview of the problems of single-industry towns as the most vulnerable ones due to their one-sided development exacerbated by the financial crisis. The description of information support as the part of a comprehensive investment plan to modernize single-industry towns suggests ways of providing information to monitor its implementation.
Single-industry town, township-forming enterprise, a comprehensive investment plan to modernize a single-industry town

Савельева М.В. Конкурентоспособность регионов
Competitiveness of regions can not be ensured by the same competitive advantages for a long time. Regional administrations should promptly respond to the challenges of the environment to the identify new competitive advantages and to transit to them later.
Competitiveness, sources of competitiveness, competitive advantage

Медяник Н.В. Природопользование в системе экономических интересов
The author examines the correlation between categories ?Nature management? and ?Economic interests?: economic interests are a form of manifestation of nature management in terms of economic relations. The system?s algorithm al lows to present nature management as the space of conflicting interests? manifestation of subjects of different levels in the economy.
Economic interests, nature management, conflict of economic interests, politicaleconomic paradigm

Ярыгина О.Ю. Изменение отношения к труду руководителей промышленных предприятий в период экономического кризиса
The results of two investigations (pre-crisis and crisis) reflect the changing attitudes toward managers? work in industrial enterprises during the crisis.
Considering the leaders? attitude toward labor, the author identifies, firstly, two types of leaders? attitude toward labor, and secondly, the most effective type of leaders? attitude toward labor during the crisis.

Leader?s attitude toward labor, values, motivation, job satisfaction

Экономические параллели

Карпенко С.В. Налоговая политика белых правительств на юге России в 1919-1920 гг.
The core focus in formulation and implementation of tax policy of white governments in southern Russia during the Civil War was given to the tax legislation, the characteristics of direct and indirect taxes and their collection. The article revels that the effectiveness of fiscal policy has been low due to tax evasion of the most of population and corruption in public administration.
Russian Civil War, the White movement, fiscal policy, direct and indirect tax, taxation, tax collection, tax evasion

Смотровая площадка

Мотылев В.В.Западные экономисты о развитии теорий стоимости
In A. Smith?s theory one can find five views on the creation of exchange value. D. Ricardo debating with Smith defended the labor theory of value. K. Marx, the successor of the labor theory of value, laid it as a reference and basic premise of ?Capital?. Meanwhile the message has failed and in the early 20th century it has been disproved not only by leading economists of the West, but Russian ones as well.Value theory of A. Smith, the labor theory of value of D. Ricardo and K. Marx, the theory of production factors of J.-B. Say, the concept of marginal cost dependence depending on marginal value by Bem-Bawerk, theory of demand based on the theory of marginal utility by A. Marshall, institutionalism of T. Veblen, J.M.
Clark, J. Galbraith

Григорьева Ю.С. Автоматизация кадрового менеджмента или управления талантами
Oracle software package for managing personnel and talent management, automation systems of HR management, Oracle?s solutions recruitment for managing human resource in an organization

У книжной полки

Генкин А.С. Рецензия на учебное пособие: «Банкинг в информационной экономике» / В.С. Аксенов, Ю.Н. Нестеренко, А.В. Осиповская и др.;  под общ. ред. В.С. Аксенова; РГГУ. М.: Экономика, 2012.
The reviewed tutorial is prepared by a group of authors of Finance and Credit Department, School of Economics, of Institute of Economic, Management and Law RSUH for students on the subject «Economics» (the degree ? master).

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