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The order of reviewing of manuscripts, established by the editorial Board of the "Economic journal"

In "Economic journal", the following review of manuscripts and articles:

  1. The author of the article presents the text of 20-25 000 characters (preferably), including spaces and notes in electronic form with illustrations, brief information about yourself, a brief abstract and keywords in Russian and English languages.
  2. Presents the author of the article or publication is reviewed by a member of the editorial Board or the editorial Board of the journal (doctor or candidate of science). In addition, the review may be carried out and other experts - specialists in this field. The examination is closed, the review is given to the author upon his written request without a signature and the name, position and affiliation of the reviewer. The review with the indication of the author can be given on demand of the expert councils of the higher attestation Commission.
  3. The review should include an analysis of the manuscript material, objective assessment reasoned and reasonable recommendations. In the review, particular attention should be paid to the following issues: a General analysis of the scientific terminology, structure of the manuscript, relevance of the topic; evaluation of preparedness of the manuscript for publication in language and style, conformity to requirements, the compliance of used methods and results of modern scientific advances; the availability of volume of manuscript in whole and its separate elements (text, tables, illustrations, references); - the author's inaccuracies and errors.
  4. The reviewer may make recommendations for improvement of the manuscript, indicate the need of additions and refinements to the manuscript, which is then sent to the author for revision. Comments and suggestions of the reviewer should be objective and principled, aimed at improving the scientific and methodological level of the manuscript.
  5. In the final part of the review should contain valid conclusions about the manuscript and a clear recommendation on the advisability of publishing.
    Based on reviewing the manuscript may be declined or returned to the author for revision, or accepted for publication. The final decision on acceptance of the article or the publication of the author and place it in one of the rooms of the journal is taken by the editor and, if necessary, by the editorial Board of the journal.
  6. The editorial Board reserves the right of reduction and correction of manuscripts.
  7. The editorial Board informs about the decision of the author upon request. The author is not accepted for publication manuscript the editorial Board sends, on request, a reasoned refusal.
  8. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, manuscript in consultation with the editorial Board may be directed to additional (extra) review.